Central Vacuuming, Chimney Sweeping, Insulation Removal, and Deodorization Services in Oakland County

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While it’s in our name, we’re not just known for our air duct cleaning services!

Pure Ducts Air Duct Cleaning is experienced in all aspects of ridding your home of dust and contaminants! We have over 15 years of industry experience and can put that knowhow to work for you. Trust us to be your home’s partner in cleaning!

Central Vacuum System Cleaning

If your home has a central vacuum system, it’s a good idea to clean it out every so often. However, doing it yourself can be incredibly tedious and confusing if you’re not sure how to do so! Our technicians come to your home and use our specialized trucks to eliminate built-up dust and debris in your central vacuum system.

Chimney Sweeping

Additional Services - Deodorization | Pure Ducts Air Duct Cleaning - chimney-sweepWe recommend an annual chimney cleaning to ensure that your home is safe from fires and filling with carbon monoxide fumes. Without proper maintenance, a chimney can become coated from the inside with soot and debris, which can be challenging to remove. If left alone, it can become extraordinarily flammable and a fire risk for your home. The team at Pure Ducts Air Duct Cleaning will examine your chimney and evaluate if there is risk involved with it going uncleaned. If deemed necessary, we’ll perform the chimney cleaning, and you can continue to use your fireplace at your leisure!

Insulation Removal

If your home has old insulation, replacing it is the best option for efficiency and safety. It’s not an easy process and can be a bit dangerous, so it’s a job better left to the professionals at Pure Ducts Air Duct Cleaning. Our experienced technicians come into your home, safely remove your previous insulation, and dispose of it properly. We use our specialized trucks to suck out the old insulation, leaving behind a clean canvas for new insulation to be installed.

Deodorizing & Odor Elimination

Our professional odor removal process can eliminate even the most potent smells, such as smoke from a house fire, mold, animal odors, and more! We use sprays that are safe for humans and animals alike to ensure that the smells disappear and don’t return. We have tackled the most persistent odors and can take care of whichever ones your home may have, too.

To request a free phone estimate for any one of our additional cleaning services, contact Pure Ducts Air Duct Cleaning today!